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Yasuko Fujioka I believe in the beauty of ordinary life and that it is imbued with enduring emotion.

My art is deeply connected to the sentiments of society. It is the expression of my observations and my fascination with the joys and sorrows of daily existence.

My collaboration with patterns and the materials I use invite you to drift between the fantasies created by your own imagination and the reality of the world we live in.

The repetitiveness of every day life forces us to create patterns within that life - endlessly demanding choices and provoking experiences of which we are not aware and that can easily overshadow, or even bury, our consciousness so deeply as to make us insensate.

I make art to stop the moment.

I make art to stop the moment in order to recognize and feel the patterns in which we live.

My wish is to touch and evoke the deeper consciousness that lies within the human spirit.