"Via Air Mail"
"embryonic stem cell"
"All you need is..."
"The galaxy of desire"
"What I want"
"Bird Watching"
"Army Birds"
"What I hear"
"What I say"
"What I see"
"Very Sensitive"
"The Penalty of Silence"
"your blood"
"How to catch everything (1)"
"All I Want is Everything"
"How to catch everything (2)"
"The departers"
"The departers"
"The Baptist"
"Now you can catch everything but..."
"untouchable things"
"your blood"
"in the middle"
"a pigeon post"
"a pigeon post"
"a beautiful f-word"
"promised tears"
"The Baptizer I"
"The Baptizer II"
"A woman"
"in the air"
"color construction I"
"Nothing is Foever"
"color construction II"
"Nothing is Perfect"
"the gem of the collection"
"Nothing is Absolute"
"Red Tears"
"The Reality"
"The Reality"
"Cut it off!"
"para la sardina"
"in the middle"
"The moment"
"fly away"
"to begin"

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Diary Diary 2.75 x 2.75 inch, mixed medium on paper
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