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Yasuko Fujioka was born in the south of Japan but lived in many different cities throughout the country. Art has always been a natural part of her life. She was greatly inspired by her forever-changing surroundings, and as a child began taking private watercolor classes with an acclaimed local artist. Yasuko went on to graduate and recieve a B.A. from Tokyo Women's Christian University (Tokyo Joshi).

She moved to New York City in 1995, where she studied Drawing, Oil Painting and Sculpture at the Art Student's League in Manhattan. Having won several scholarships, she continued her studies at Pratt Manhattan Institute, majoring in Multimedia Computer Graphics. Beginning in 1997, Yasuko's work has been exhibited at numerous galleries and cultural venues in New York City, Tokyo, Berlin and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She currently lives and works in Berlin.

Completed Certificate Program, major: Oil Painting, Sculpture, Drawing at
Art Student’s League of New York, New York City, 1995 – 1999

Completed Certificate Program, major: Computer Graphics at
Pratt Manhattan Institute, New York City, 1995 - 1997

Graduated and received B.A. at
Tokyo Woman’s (Tokyo Joshi) University, Tokyo, Japan, 1989 - 1993

Selected Exhibitions and projects:

“The Red Thread of Fate”
a colouring love story

98 illustrations
Published by booq publications, Barcelona
printed in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese and German

“Artist in residence”
LA PLACE -garelia
Barcelona, Spain
July 07 - August 07
“Recent work by Yasuko Fujioka”
LA PLACE -garelia
Barcelona, Spain
Apr 01 - 20

“Festival de postales”
LA PLACE -garelia
Barcelona, Spain
Dec 11 - 28
“Macht Kunst”
Deutsche Bank Kunsthalle
Berlin, Germany
April 28

“Mujer” (solo show)
Akashi Gallery
Barcelona, Spain
Mar 6 - 20

“Japoneze Mayoneze-
art by Japanese artist in Berlin”

art by Japanese artist in Berlin
Galerie Knoth & Krüger
Berlin, Germany
Feb 23 - Mar 8

“Multiplicity 2”
129 Gallery
Berlin, Germany
Oct 5 - Nov 3

“ferner osten im nahen westen -
latest work by Yasuko Fujioka”

Berlin, Germany
May 13 - June 1

“What's on you mind?”
Gallery 5th people project
Berlin, Germany
Feb 2 - Feb 26

“Beyond the Face”
Gallery 5th people project
Berlin, Germany
Jan 5 - Jan 22

“Oh My God”
Gallery 5th people project
Berlin, Germany
Sep 22 - Nov 23

2 person show
Washington DC
Mar 28 - May 23

“Happy Hour”
ISE Cultural Foundation
New York, New York
Nov 27 - Jan 15

“Yasuko Fujioka - Collected work” solo show
New York, New York
Dec 3 - Mar 23, 2011

“Collage” 2 person show
Aeon Logic Art Gallery
Brooklyn, New York
Mar 6 – Mar 14

“Digital – Z- print”
YES Gallery
Brooklyn, New York
Jan 10 – Feb 1

YES Gallery
Brooklyn, New York
Jan 21 – Dec 15

“99 Art”
Hpgrp Gallery
New York City
Feb 6 – Feb 28

“Visual Reiterations” 2 person show
The International Resource Center Gallery at Queens Library
Queens, New York
Aug 29. – Nov. 19

“Life, in Pattern - Yasuko Fujioka” solo show
The Hammond Museum and Japanese Stroll Garden
North Salem, New York
Apr. 14 - Jun. 2

“99 Art”
Hpgrp Gallery
New York City
Dec. 6 - Dec. 28

“Arts Extravaganza”
Arts on the Hudson
Jersey City, New Jersey
Dec. 7 – Jan. 12

“5th Annual Juried Show”
by awarded artists to exhibit at ARWI International Art Fair in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Galeria Galou
Brooklyn, New York
Oct. 19 – Oct. 21

“ARWI International Art Fair”
San Juan, Puerto Rico

“99 Art”
Hpgrp Gallery
New York City

“At the Moment – Recent Work by Yasuko Fujioka”
New York City
Nov. 27 - Dec. 22

“DUMBO Studio Group Show”
Studio 70 Washington
Brooklyn, New York

Space 7
New York City

Gallery at Hayato
New York City
Dec., 2, 2002 - Jan., 25

Annual Group Show
Walter Wickiser Gallery
New York City
Dec.,1, 2001 - Jan., 25, 2002

“Drawing by Yasuko Fujioka” Solo Show
Gallery at Ten Ten Pie
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
Jul. 1 - Aug. 31

“Goldfish - Recent work by Yasuko Fujioka” Solo Show
TOTO Showroom
Tokyo, Japan

Annual Group Show
Ward-Nasse Gallery
New York City
Dec., 4 - Jan., 23

“Merrit Scholarship Award show”
The Cork Gallery at Lincoln Center
New York City
Jan., 30 - Feb., 9

5th Annual International Juried Award
Galeria Galou, 2007

Board of Control Scholarship at Art Student’s League of New York
1996 and 1998

Merit Scholarship

Public Activities:
“Interactive Art Project: Hope Globe” New York City, Jan., 2006

“Interactive Art Project: One Less Stress from the Earth” New York City, Oct. 2005 – Dec. 2006

Instructed “Japanese Art and Culture for Family Program at Morikami Museum”
West Palm Beach, Florida, June.1999 – Sep. 2000