"tic tac tic tac..."
"problem is..."
"against gravity I"
"willkommen to the land of security"
"follow the instruction"
"memory box"
"time to go"
"r u sure u r there?"
"against gravity II"
"it may not exist"
"Holly Shit"
"girl's talk"
"girl's talk"
"to the end"
"The power of the sun"
"take it easy"
"into the German woods"
"destroy the problem"
"gracias por su visita"
"conceptual art"
"let's hit IT!"
"step by step"
"a girl with balloons"
"memory to kill"
"and grab IT!"
"love with umlaut"
"avoiding the instructions"
"going home - black hole"
"going home I"
"going home II"
"always together"
"somewhere over the rainbow"
"my shelf"
"a chat of the day"
"I don't belong here"
"innocence and ignorance"
"don't let yourself fall"
"The tree of EXPERIENCE"
"against gravity III"
"let IT go..."

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Against Gravity 9 x 13.5 cm, mixed medium on paper
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